"Most have an impression of who I am... yet I always seem to surprise them."

From the beginning, Aña always knew she was going to have a career in entertainment.  Be it in music, fashion, or beauty, she loved everything that encompassed arts and culture and knew that was where she wanted to be.

Hailing from a long line of performers, she grew up in a sort of renaissance upbringing, attending art classes and playing the violin and guitar as well as being a vocalist.  It was being thrown in to the fashion industry at a very young age that she became obsessed with designers and photographers and her love affair with fashion started. 

Always being inspired by the best, she surrounded herself with the imagery of Avedon, Demarchelier, Newton, Bensimon, Lindbergh and she always had a sense of what was pleasing to her eye.Leaving her hometown of Hawaii and moving to Italy at 17, it was abroad that the manifestation and understanding of image, movement and the power that it had over the populous propelled her deeper into the idea that she loved the creative aspect of fashion and beauty and studied closely at the works of some of her favorite designers.  "I learn by watching.  A book can tell me only so much.  It is when I watch a master, that I absorb the most."

Aña lives between New York City and Nashville.


Photo by Lily Cummings

Photo by Lily Cummings