Bergdorfs and Beauty

Living in New York and doing make-up on the wonderful clients that I do, I am often asked about what I use on their face and how I get a certain look and also, what are the colors or trends for the new season.  

A VIP client of mine recently wanted me to curate her entire make-up wardrobe and basically get rid of all the old and replenish with the new.  Ofcourse, I was up for the challenge.

I used to be one of those "retail therapy" girls... all the shoes and coats and the lot, but there are 2 things that make me beyond excited now to shop for.  Camera equipment and MAKE-UP.

I had done personal shopping for a few of my clients and now, through word of mouth, it is becoming a wonderful add on service for my clients who want the best regarding their skin and makeup wardrobe.  

I ventured to her sprawling apartment and carefully discussed with her all the current items she had, got rid of the old product (yes ladies... make-up does spoil) and with money in hand, I was off to my favorite location to buy cosmetics.  BERGDORFS.   It can't be beat.  EVERY major luxury brand is there and all the craziness of my beloved Sephora was replaced with calm, serenity and I could take my time.  5 hours later and I was done with 4 massive bags full of brushes, skin care and cosmetics from Dior, Hourglass, Tom Ford, Bobbi Brown....

If you are interested in a personal shopping experience, please let me know!  Contact me and we can discuss what is right for you!

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