Being in the fashion industry for as long as I have been, I have worn many hats in the business.  From model, to makeup artist, to manager, to model development.... the list goes on and on...

I first met Mahina what will be almost 5 years ago.  A shy, but beautiful 15 year old girl, I was sent to take her first images of her in her hometown on the North Shore of Oahu.  From the moment I met her I knew there was something special about her.  I knew, in my gutt, this girl should be a star.  

We did many test shoots together and slowly I would direct her on how to pose, how to translate the character you are playing to the camera, how one look said a million things.  And like a sponge, she listened, absorbed and has since traveled and lived in Miami, Los Angeles and has done national advertisements, and commercials.  

She was recently signed to MSA Models in New York, and I have not seen Mahina in almost 3 years.  Keeping tabs on her via social media, I would occasionally get care packages sent from her to my house but this was a great time to reconnect with her here in what is now the place I call home.  New York.  The girl was gone... and in her place, a beautiful woman.  

Mahina has always been comfortable with me.  Early on we did some beautiful artistic nudes and we have formed a relationship where she trusts me, and my judgement and creative sensibilities. 

I have no doubt that Mahina will make her dream of being on S.I. or the Surfing Magazine Swim Issue or even Victorias Secret come true.  She represents power, and beauty and sensuality and maintains the platform of "Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes".  With over 10k followers on Instagram and much more on Tumblr, Facebook and other social media sites, young girls and women all over have looked to Mahina as someone to look up to.  Not to mention, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet.

For more information on Mahina, please write info@nichemodelsandtalent for bookings.

Hina and I at the Hudson Rooftop

Hina and I at the Hudson Rooftop

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