Playtime with Poppy Delevingne

Image repost from @scottlipps of ONE MANAGEMENT

Image repost from @scottlipps of ONE MANAGEMENT

Fresh from her SECOND wedding in the fabulous Marrakech, London's "It Girl" Poppy Delevingne was to be my last client for what was an already busy day.  Gucci was launching a beauty line and I was up since early morning working on clients.  I looked forward to my time with Poppy.

I had worked with her before a few months back, and she was as sweet and as cool as can be.  Very much what I imagined when I think of the cool British chick.  Very chill, a natural cool style and can wear basically ANYTHING and look fabulous.  For me, Poppy is on this list.  Others would include, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and ofcourse the other Delevingne girl... Cara.

I arrived early to the hotel and sat in the lobby and I hear a sexy raspy voice say "Dahling! You're ALWAYS early!" as she hugged me.  It just validated that even after 2 months, she still remembered me and that meant that she is actually PRESENT and not one of those who don't pay attention.

This was her first red carpet since her weddings and she wanted to look like the classic "Gucci Girl".  Fabulous hair and fabulous makeup!  Done and Done!  I was not about to let my girl down!  After loads of laughs, and catching up, the end result was great and we nodded in approval.

Just goes to show... no matter how much celebrity one may have, she was as down to earth as the best of them.  And with a huge hug, we parted ways until the next time! 

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